Become a Law Veritas Partner:

We love working with other companies who specialize in helping attorneys with business services. We are looking for partnerships in these areas: 

Traditional Legal Marketing and Branding:

Law Veritas is a “non-traditional” marketing company that works only with attorneys and their firms. Our focus is creating continuity between online and offline legal reputations of attorneys. Some of our attorney-clients seek a more traditional marketing service, including tracking inbound traffic, paid advertising, ROI, video production, etc. If you are interested in working with an attorney-run company who understands that, first and foremost, every attorney cares about his or her legal reputation, please reach out to us below.

SEO Companies:

Although Law Veritas does assist our attorney-clients with SEO, some need or want enhanced SEO, such as link building, keyword analysis, and website analytics. Are you an SEO company working exclusively with attorneys? We would love to partner with you.

Website Design:

Do you build kick-ass, modern, mobile optimized, SEO friendly websites solely for attorneys? We do. However, we are always looking to expand our network of website developers.

Are you a Value Added Service Provider?

Do attorneys come to you for advice? Do you recommend software or services to them? We would love to partner with you in providing your clients best of class services to improve their online legal reputation and build a continuity between both online and offline brands.

If you are interested in forming a partnership with Law Veritas, we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to: