• Your reputation is worth more than a billable hour of your time.
  • We take the burden and confusion of social media out of your hands.
  • Never underestimate the cost of a poor online reputation.
  • Your firm’s online reputation impacts your firm’s bottom line
  • It’s a digital world. Your reputation is digital too.
  • The internet should be working for you, not against you.
  • You want to accentuate your positive truth online.
  • You can afford to hire Law Veritas. Can your reputation afford not to hire Law Veritas?
  • Raise your online presence in a meaningful way
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Legal Reputation Analysis


As an attorney, you have worked hard in your career to cultivate a positive legal reputation.  At Law Veritas, we understand how important that reputation is to your career.  We also understand that on the internet, perception is reality.  In 2016, peers, adversaries, the general public and even new firm hires will likely perform an internet search of you.  This is especially true of potential clients, if your new business is primarily from referrals.   Our blend of strategic and tactical advice, coupled with a technology enabled platform, helps enhance the online reputation of our clients.

How do we do this?

Websites: We design, build, modernize, optimize and host websites.  We also build stand-alone legal blog websites, with legal articles written by a licensed attorney.

Social media: We manage your professional social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Avvo, Twitter, Facebook, FindLaw, etc.  This includes regular updates across all of these platforms.  All content is approved by a licensed attorney at Law Veritas before it is published.

Marketing/Branding: We work closely with attorneys and firm marketing departments to help craft the best marketing strategy to suit your brand.  We even assist in seeking third party validation and community recognition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We help control the content you want seen.


I am a founding partner of Girard Bengali. Law Veritas has been handling our firm’s online reputation management since June, 2016.  We initially hired Law Veritas to maintain our professional social media accounts.  As we gained confidence in the services offered, we expanded our account with Law Veritas.  They have since designed our new website, drafted and issued several press releases, and written legal articles.  Law Veritas now maintains our website, handles our SEO, and continues to maintain our social media accounts. We strongly suggest contacting the owner, David Gittelman, to see how he can help your law firm grow and succeed.

I signed up with Law Veritas in April, 2016.  Law Veritas was very helpful when I opened my own law office, making sure all my bases were covered.  This included updating my social media profiles, helping write content for my new website, and drafting and issuing a press release, announcing the launch of my new firm. I highly recommend Law Veritas.

I have been a client of Law Veritas since June, 2016.  Law Veritas assists me with all aspects of my online legal reputation, from maintaining my social media, to writing press releases, to preparing print and digital marketing materials.  Law Veritas also designed the website for my last firm, emhllp.com.   The owner, David Gittelman, is very responsive and handles my needs promptly and efficiently.  I recommend Law Veritas for your online reputation management.

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