What we do

Website Building & Maintenance

The first step to having an internet presence is to have a professional website.  We will build (or redesign) your website to ensure that it showcases your abilities and achievements and reflects your brand.  We make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices and search engines.   Our work doesn’t stop there.  We maintain websites to ensure functionality and update the content so it is current.


Social Media & Legal Articles

The most difficult part of enhancing your online legal reputation is the maintenance involved.  If used correctly, social media can help show your knowledge and build real relationships.  We will create your profiles on LinkedIn, Avvo, Facebook, and Twitter. We will then update them on a regular basis, so there is current information and positive, consistent exposure.  This helps to ensure there is continuity of your reputation from online to offline.  

Another great way to enhance your reputation is to show your expertise in a particular area of law.  We ghost write legal articles  that showcase your talent for the public.


Search Engine Optimization

Two thirds of people searching for an attorney will ask someone they trust, look on the internet, or both, and make their determinations accordingly. We use a variety of techniques to help make sure the content you want seen comes up in an internet search for you. This helps to bridge the reputation gap between when potential clients start their search and the time they decide whether or not to call you.

  • Your reputation is worth more than a billable hour of your time.
  • We take the burden and confusion of social media out of your hands.
  • Never underestimate the cost of a poor online reputation.
  • Your firm’s online reputation impacts your firm’s bottom line
  • It’s a digital world. Your reputation is digital too.
  • The internet should be working for you, not against you.
  • You want to accentuate your positive truth online.
  • You can afford to hire Law Veritas. Can your reputation afford not to hire Law Veritas?
  • Raise your online presence in a meaningful way
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Legal Reputation Analysis


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